28 Days: Developing a Personal Photographic Style

I’m excited to announce that I will teaching another photography workshop at The Minneapolis Photo Center. The course will begin on Monday, September 13th. Follow the link to the MPC website for a course description and registration information. Hope to see you there!

(LINK) 28 Days: Developing a Personal Photographic Style

Class Description

Are you stuck in a photography rut? Do you find yourself consistently shooting without a purpose or editing with the entire spectrum of filters and actions?

Whether you’re an amateur photographer in need of direction or a professional with a desire to begin a new project, this 28 Days Workshop will help you create and maintain focus while continuing to shoot with a support structure behind you.

Students will meet at the Mpls Photo Center once a week for four weeks. During the workshop, you are required to photograph at least 30 images a week. You will share 7 images from your week of shooting at the weekly class meeting. You will bring all images from the week as either digital files on a CD or film images on contact sheets, as well as 3-4 work prints. The work prints will be used to help develop a cohesive style and find themes of personal interest, in order to leave the workshop with a body of work.

The class is based in critique and each week, you are expected to make critique on the work of others in the class. You will learn how to critique the work of others in objective ways as well as your own. You will also be taught to brainstorm picture ideas and to view work by other photographers in order to propel your work even further. The instructor will meet with each student at least twice to discuss how to push his/her work further and avoid repetition.

You will leave with a final artist’s statement based on your coursework, as well as a better understanding of theme, symbolism and metaphor, regardless of when, where and what you photograph. We encourage you to attend more then one workshop with the goal of building a larger body of work.